Folkert Sierts was born in 1948 in Winsum (Groningen), the Netherlands, but nowadays he lives and works in Groningen. He has been studying in Groningen at the Academy of Arts 'Minerva', and also at the State University. From 1979 onward his profession has been a visual artist. Since 2002 he also writes poems and short stories in the regional Groninger language 'Grunnegers' and from 2009 he also occasionally writes poems in German.

For many years, his working area is and has been abstract photography. He collects visual materials, which have been analogously and digitally manipulated. It's playing with the possibilities the technique and the picture elements have to offer, thus visual representations come into existence which do not refer to the reality of every day life. His photographs do not always need to be sharp images - vague, blurry forms can be used to interpret the different ways of seeing. Everyone finds something unique in his work. In short, they are not photographs which you would find and admire in our daily newspapers or magazines. For Folkert, colour has always been important, but recently black and white studies are more frequently found among his work.

Folkert tries to create his poems the same way as his art and his photography, a playful, creative art. In comparison with his photographic works, his poems are closer to the reality of every day life. Recurring themes are love, death, nature, language, signs, ... Images come from what he sees in life, in his dreams, in the bible, in the arts, and in the history of art. And at times something appears out of his heart spontaneously. <<